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== Download: ==
== Download: ==
Latest version:
Latest version:
'''[https://ifstile.com/IFStileSetup.exe Setup (64 bits) for Windows 7 and higher]'''
'''[https://ifstile.com/IFStileSetup.exe Setup (64 bits) for Windows 7 and higher]'''

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IFStile is a cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) freeware program that can:

  • build any affine directed graph iterated function system (IFS) in the Euclidean space of arbitrary dimension (as 2D or 3D section)
  • fully automatically find interesting fractal shapes, rep-tiles, multi-tiles, irreptiles, carpets, dragons, etc
  • extract boundary of self-affine tiles as directed graph IFS
  • compute dimension of the boundary of self-affine tiles (numerically and analytically)
  • export and import Fractint IFS format, export Apophysis .flame format
  • effectively zoom IFS fractals
  • render high resolution images (with batch rendering)

Program uses special rendering algorithm that can unveil complex structures of the fractal.

When you save rendered image to PNG format, program automatically saves all parameters (IFS, palette) inside PNG, and you can load such PNG to the program to restore your workspace.

Online Manual


How to use (YouTube)


Latest version:

Setup (64 bits) for Windows 7 and higher

Portable version (64 bits) for Windows 7 and higher

Portable version (32 bits) for Windows 7 and higher

Disk image for macOS 10.9 and higher

Binary tarball for Linux (Ubuntu 12+, CentOS 6+, etc)

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  • Twindragon.png
  • Bird.png
  • OvoidTile.png
  • OvoidTile2.png
  • GI98.png
  • FractalPinwheel.png
  • DragonCurve.png
  • WeakTile.png
  • Tile53.png
  • AB.png


McWorter's Pentigree


Polynomial (+1+0-1)

Polynomial (+1+2-1)

Polynomial (-2+2)

Polynomial (-2)

Polynomial x^3+x^2-1 (4)

Polynomial x^3+x^2-1 (4.1)

Golden Trapezoid

Nice Boundary

Cube Tiles

Gosper Island

Robinson Triangle

Fractal Pinwheel Tile

Weak Tile



Torus Rep-8 Tiles

Non-Polycube Rep-8 Tiles

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